I’m Ben Horrigan, a one-man branding band. I offer a wide range of design services: anything from fresh, modern logos to sleek, fully customisable websites.

My focus is on design that is simple, effective, and most importantly saves you money.

Clear, consistent branding is vital, no matter what business area you work in and no matter what level you’re operating at. Everyone from multinational corporations to individual pilates instructors needs a strong brand, at least online and preferably also on physical publicity. I will provide a service that fits your needs exactly, giving you the means to stand out in your field.

I have particular expertise in designing graphics for arts organisations and artists, and offer a 25% discount to all students and not-for-profits.

Have a flick through the big blue links at the top for some examples of my work, or get stuck into what I can do for you:

Latest update

It’s common now for couples who are getting married to set up a website with information about the wedding. Naturally, since I’m getting married in July, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon.

Top of wedding site

The design is very minimalist, with each page of information following the same format and including plenty of space.

Contact page

The only functional element, besides text, images and links to more information, is a contact form and Twitter widget.

The entire site, except for the outcome page of the contact form, is contained within one page, interspersed with full-screen photos of Ellie and me. Clicking links in the floating nav bar (or the up/down arrows on the right-hand side) causes the browser to scroll down smoothly to the requested page, which feels much more fluid and elegant than a conventional multi-page site. This uses a jQuery script which can be found here.

The edited photos were done in Photoshop. I blurred Ellie and me slightly, and the background more so, then applied a red and cream gradient overlay and very slight inner shadow on the whole image.

Full-page screenshot of the site

What else is new?

It’s been logo central for the last few weeks. Here’s a selection of my favourites: And here are two that are currently in development, one of which bears a striking resemblance to the logo for a certain popular music-related television programme…

My latest logo is for a new drop-in organised by my church and based in Fallowfield, Manchester. I’m hoping this logo will convey a friendly vibe and help give the events a personal touch. I’ve used the colours from Ivy Fallowfield’s logo, and adapted Vernon Adams’s gorgeous ‘Pacifico’ font, which is available for free here.…view all

At last, the site is up and (apparently) running. Have a look around – any feedback you can give would be very much appreciated.

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